Yale's Artists Statement


Yale came to painting fairly late, starting watercolor classes at the Danforth Museum School in the fall of 2001. Growing up on the coast of Long Island Sound, the water has long been a favorite subject. “I especially like painting water. It is exciting to capture the reflections with their brilliant colors and abstract shapes, and to uncover what is hidden beneath. One of my greatest joys is to go to the coast, with camera in hand, to find inspiration in the beauty that is all around”.

Though water is perhaps her favorite subject to paint, animals and flowers are high on the list. “I have never lived without a pet of some kind—I can’t imagine life without the company of a furry friend! I try to capture the amazing personality, intelligence and dignity of each animal that I paint”.

After traveling around the country competing in tennis tournaments and then playing for the University of Southern California, Yale graduated from Barnard College with a BA in Philosophy. She married her husband, Jim and moved to California, then Maryland, and finally settled in Wellesley, where they raised their five children. Living so near the coast of New England, day trips to the water have been something she treasures. “I love to go to the coast and spend a few hours just taking in the beauty. I then try to capture those experiences on paper, with watercolor, using many layers to create the feeling of depth and glow of color.” 

Yale has participated in many juried shows throughout the New England area. She is past president and board member of the Wellesley Society of Artists, a signature member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, and a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society. 

Yale has also recently started painting with acrylics---a very different medium, adding another dimension to her work.


In addition to painting in her studio (kitchen) at home, Yale paints weekly in Natick with The Watercolor Connection, a group of painters devoted to the fabulous medium of watercolor. 

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