Susan's Bio and Artist's Statement



A former educator, Susan has been painting watercolors for over twenty-five  years. She has a B.S. from the University of Minnesota and has studied  painting with numerous instructors in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and     Florida and at the Danforth Museum of Art as well as with Cheng Khee Chee     in Minnesota. She works primarily in watercolor although she also paints on  silk. Susan enjoys photography as part of the process of designing her paintings. Traveling to Europe, the Caribbean and around the US has also inspired some of her work. 

A member of the Watercolor Connection, the New England Watercolor Society and a Signature Member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society,  Susan’s paintings have been exhibited at the Concord Art Association:   Frances Roddy Competition, the Fountain Street Fine Arts Gallery, Arts-Bridge   “Art in the Hall”, the Duxbury Arts Association, the Rhode Island  Watercolor Society, The New England Watercolor Society, The Woodshed  Gallery, the Sherborn Inn, the  Winsor School in Boston, the Holmes Beach Library in Florida, the Danforth     Museum of Art in Framingham, the Grace Chapel Art Gallery, the Art Walk in Natick, the Natick Artists Open Studios and on the Natick Commons. 

Artist statement:

Nature provides an unending source of inspiration and the beginning   foundations for most of my work. The process and challenge of capturing  light, color and texture in watercolor continues to hold my interest and  fascination. Watercolor itself is a surprising and sinuous medium: its very  nature is changeable and can be unpredictable, often leading to some  unexpectedly delightful results. When I drop in color on wet paper, I love  watching the colors mix and flow to create new shades rather than premixing  on my palette. I love the creative process of combining paint and water to  express the subject matter and my emotions. 

I am in awe of the spiritual  aspect of nature and art. Everything could have been designed in shades of  gray but instead we are startled and captured by unending colorful  displays. The artist and the viewer share discernment and the ability to create and enjoy the art. I feel totally blessed to be painting and participating in a creative process which brings enjoyment to others as  well as myself. 

I'll be in Minnesota for this Open House. I hope you can come visit!