Evelyns Artist Statement


As far as I can remember color has fascinated and affected me deeply. This may be because I have been exposed to its vibrancy since a very early age. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where explosions of color happen everywhere you look under the intense Caribbean light. 

Flowers were my first inspiration, not only because of their wonderful colors, but also for their symbolic appeal. They carry the promise of life. I also love to paint forests, waterfalls and landscapes. They express nature’s mystery and it is their quiet sacredness that I try to capture in my paintings. When I visit unspoiled places I embrace the visual as well and the spiritual and it is my hope that I can transmit their power and magical energy through my work.

I have lived about 40 years in the US. It is my pleasure to call New England my home. 

Evelyn Bernal

A Specialist in Wet-on Wet